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A Sneak Peek at the Range Rover Velar: Coming Soon

Don’t you love happy surprises? At Land Rover Houston, we are excited to announce the upcoming release of a new vehicle in the Range Rover lineup, the Range Rover Velar.

The Range Rover Velar is uniquely styled, yet still maintains its classic Range Rover look and roots.

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Get Ready for Summer Adventure in a New Land Rover

It’s hard to believe that May is here already. With it comes warm weather, blue skies, and lots and lots of fun planning summer outings. Whether you’re a fan of the beach or mountains, enjoy hard-core adventure or more cultural outings, we believe you’ll enjoy it all more in a new Land Rover.


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Keep Your Paint Job Looking Nice

Keeping your car clean is a major to-do if you want to avoid a bad-looking paint job and exterior. When you leave dirt to sit on your vehicle, it will buildup and can actually act like sandpaper. We all know that sandpaper and paint don't mix. Normally, sandpaper is specifically used to remove paint. So take the extra time to get it done-and regularly. Don't give dirt the chance to build up on your vehicle. The longer dirt has to sit around, the more damage it can do. Dirt will even mix with rain and other pollutants to…
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Categories: Cites Top Traits of 2017 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

Are you shopping the compact luxury crossover class for your next daily driver? Well, if so, we here at Land Rover Houston Central suggest you do yourself a solid, and add ours -- the 2017 Range Rover Evoque -- to your short list.

Will it be love at first drive for you two?

Check the clip below to figure that out. Here now with more on the Range Rover Evoque is reviewer Mike Hanley:

It seems to us like Land Rover spared absolutely no expense in building the Range Rover Evoque's base model, the generously appointed SE.

Standard equipment…

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Find a Wide Selection of Great New & Used Land Rovers Here

Have you been looking for a great deal on a new Land Rover? If so, and you live or work in the Houston, TX, area, we welcome you to stop in and visit us here at Land Rover Houston. We also carry a wide inventory of high-quality used Land Rover inventory as well.


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Apply for Auto Financing Online at Land Rover Houston

Doesn’t it seem like the older you get the faster time goes? Why waste a moment of it? At Land Rover Houston, we have a time efficient process in place to get your auto financing needs met more quickly. You can easily and conveniently apply for auto financing online right here at our dealership.

Apply for Auto Financing Online

Do you enjoy the process of sitting in an office and filling out paperwork? We don’t either…

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Check Your Tires Right

If your tires get properly inflated, you'll get the benefit of better gas mileage and the benefit of tires that will last as long as they are supposed to. You will also have a smoother ride for your travels. If you are just not sure what the proper inflation is for your tires, check inside the driver's side door jamb or in the glove box and you might be able to find the information there. Don't just only go by what it says on the sides of your tires, as that's not going to give you…

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A Damaged Windshield Reduces Safety

That small chip or crack in your windshield can be much more than just a nuisance if not repaired in a timely manner. It can be downright hazardous. Even a small blemish on your windshield can become a visual impairment or distraction while you are driving. This greatly increases the risk of damaging your vehicle. You also risk added pressure caused by wind resistance during a drive to increase the original damage or create new damage to the entire window on the vehicle. A windshield in good condition also acts as a safety barrier in case of any unforeseen circumstance…

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