Transport Food With Confidence

Traveling to your in-laws with food is always the highlight of the holiday season. You can minimize spills and messes by taking a few extra steps to secure everything before heading out of your driveway. Some careful arranging can save having to clean your car later.

Pack cold food in airtight containers side by side in a box to make a flat surface. Cookies, fudge, and candies fit nicely in plastic Ziploc bags and can lay on top of other items. Hot dishes should be carried in a pot with a secure lid. Crockpots and large pans are safely carried in a box of the appropriate size stuffed with old towels or newspaper to catch drips or sloshes. Flat laundry baskets also work for packing food in, and fit nicely in the truck to save space. As always, leave early to avoid traffic delays and drive safely.

The staff of Land Rover Houston wish you and your family a joyous holiday season.

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