Range Rover Sport Makes Cameos in New Hulu Series

We're in the golden age of television. There's always something on, especially with streaming platforms like Hulu. One such example is the new series The First. Plenty of people on our team have been watching it and are enjoying it. Starring the former Jeff Spicoli, two-time Oscar winner Sean Penn, it takes place in the future, where you can take a look at some "future" Land Rovers.

Taking place in 2030 while the first people begin their mission to explore Mars, you'll notice the Range Rover Sport is seen transporting characters to and from their headquarters. While the frame showcases the brand we know, it has some updates like no door handles, and frosted windows with a sleek silver finish. The Range Rover Sport might be seeing those details in the future, and we wouldn't be surprised given that it's a trendsetter and continues to evolve as time goes on.

Currently, the Range Rover Sport gives you the chance to drive a spacious and commanding ride throughout Houston, while also being confident on the trail thanks to its off-road pedigree and capabilities. There's also modern technology, safety and plenty of luxury onboard to make it a ride that encapsulates luxury SUV driving.

Whether you're headed to the Galleria Mall or on a mission to the Houston Space Station, the Range Rover Sport and all our Land Rover Range Rover options can take you there. We encourage you to stop in and see us at our Land Rover dealership in Houston, where our team would be happy to provide more details for you today.

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