Looking to purchase a pre-owned luxury vehicle, but don't want to settle for your average used SUV? Whether you're worried about its quality, or simply want a pre-owned model with fewer miles on it, choosing to purchase an executive demo car is a great option for many Houston drivers. Here at Land Rover Houston Central, we specialize in selling our demo Land Rover vehicles. Get started with the shopping process today.

What is an Executive Demo?

An executive demo car is a vehicle that's been utilized by the dealership in one way or another. Often, our team will drive one of our demo models around the premises for general job duties, but they rarely leave the dealership. Dissimilar from a loaner vehicle, these SUVs are never registered, so they're not technically considered "used," though they have been lightly driven. Because of this unique circumstance, we're able to sell these Land Rover models at competitive rates because they do have some miles on them.

Benefits of Purchasing a Demo Vehicle

  • Get a next to new vehicle without paying the price of a new vehicle.
  • Enjoy late-model options, as these demos are updated year to year.
  • Experience the latest in technology, safety, and design features.
  • Get the opportunity to finance a nearly new Land Rover instead of leasing.
  • Enjoy a detailed inspection and high quality.

Explore Out Beautiful Selection Inside the 610 Loop

One look at our executive demo inventory, and you're sure to be impressed. Find a variety of options ranging from Land Rover Defender models to sporty Range Rover SUVs. Have further questions or concerns? Don't hesitate to contact the friendly team here at our centrally located Houston dealer.

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