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If you find yourself swerving on the open roads and notice that your steering wheel is pulling vigorously to one side, you probably need a wheel alignment.  To the untrained eye, your wheels might seem like they are straight, but if you're experiencing these symptoms, then most likely they are not. Here at Land Rover Houston Central in Houston, TX, we can help correct your vehicle's alignment and get you straightened out with confidence.

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4-Wheel Alignment

Benefits of Wheel Alignment

The biggest benefit is the ability to drive straight without the steering wheel shaking. Tire and wheel alignment aid in helping you stay in your lane, which is crucial for help preventing accidents on the roads in Texas.  If you have good wheel alignment, your vehicle will handle better and be more responsive when you try to change lanes or make a sharp turn.  If left unchecked for too long, misaligned wheels can start to introduce new problems to your vehicle's tires, suspension, and chassis.

How to Tell If You Need an Alignment

If you think you are due for a wheel alignment, chances are that you've been feeling out-of-whack on the highways in Houston, TX.  This could result from driving over a pothole or driving across bumpy terrain. Whatever the case may be, some warnings signs to look out for include:

  • Vigorous shaking of the steering wheel
  • Feeling the car pull to one side as you drive
  • Uneven braking power
  • Unresponsive handling when you try and control the vehicle

All of these symptoms and signs indicate that your alignment is off, and it's time to call the experts at Land Rover Houston Central .  Here at our service facility in Houston, TX, our team uses the latest advanced technology to laser-align your wheels using a series of high-speed computers.  To ensure your alignment is pristine before hitting the roads this season, you need to call the service experts at Land Rover Houston Central !

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Please call, click, or contact us online at Land Rover Houston Central  to schedule a wheel alignment appointment today!  We look forward to hearing from you!

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