Battery Service

at Land Rover Houston Central

Get the Right Battery for Your Land Rover at Our Houston Service Center

Your Land Rover's battery isn't something you'll think about very often, but ignoring it altogether will make for a difficult morning at some point in the future. And while you shouldn't have to replace your battery very often, regular testing and some knowhow can help you avoid being stranded with a Land Rover that won't start.

Complimentary Battery Testing

Check your battery and don't get stranded.

Battery Testing at Our Houston Land Rover Service Center

At Jaguar Houston Central, we recommend having your battery tested every 10,000 miles or at every other oil change, whichever comes first. Because car batteries are most likely to experience issues when subjected to extremes in temperature, regular testing during the hottest summer months is an especially good idea to help you stay ahead of potential issues. A quick voltage test and start up will let us know about both battery and alternator problems as they develop, allowing you to make an informed decision as an owner before you're left stranded. And if a new battery is required, our in-house parts center has a wide range of compatible Land Rover batteries available for a replacement so you can drive away with confidence.

Having your battery installed by our expert Land Rover technicians is especially important due to the rugged off-road nature of these vehicles. The battery needs to be securely installed to prevent movement while rock crawling or traversing other rough terrain, and our mechanics know what it takes to keep your battery safe and secure.

A DIY Battery Test

If you're in between service appointments and want to check your battery on your own, but don't have your own battery testing equipment, these simple steps can help you uncover voltage issues that may be the result of a worn out battery. Start by turning on your Land Rover and turn the lights on, but be sure that your HVAC system is switched off completely. Point your headlights at a flat surface so you can easily see the brightness, and then switch on your air conditioning to full power. If you see your lights noticeably dim for more than just a brief moment, your battery is having a hard time keeping up and will need to be replaced.

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