Have you been mesmerized by the luxurious amenities that a new Land Rover Discovery Sport could add to your lifestyle? From a brand-new infotainment system to widely standard safety features to durable, all-terrain performance capabilities, this is one remarkable SUV. But how will you pay for it? With leasing and financing on the table, the team here at Land Rover Houston Central would love to outline some of the benefits of choosing to lease a new model for our inventory.

Top Five Benefits of Leasing a New Land Rover

  1. Monthly Payments at the Right Price: Lease payments month-to-month are known to be less than that of financing payments, simply because you're only paying to drive your vehicle for a couple of years instead of its lifetime.
  2. Always Drive New: You can trade in your vehicle for a new one every few years. With the world of automotive performance, technology, and safety changing with every new model year, you can always drive the latest from the Land Rover lab of innovations.
  3. Competitive Lease Specials: We offer our local drivers extremely competitive lease specials, even on popular options like the Land Rover Discovery Sport.
  4. Stress-Free Service: A lease remains under warranty for the entire time you drive it, so you don't have to worry about costly repairs. Plus, it's brand-new, so you'll likely not have any major issues come up in the first two or three years of its life.
  5. Flexible Lease Plans: Our team loves offering our local drivers several unique mileage options for our leasees to pick from, eliminating the issue of having a mileage limit. With our choices, you'll be able to go on that spontaneous road trip and tackle long Houston morning commutes without stress for years.

Book a Test Drive with Our Land Rover Discovery Sport Selection

We hope you'll consider leasing a new Land Rover Discovery Sport from our Houston dealership. Not only are we located at the intersection of the three major highways in town (the I-10, 610, and 290), but we're also only 15-minutes from Memorial. Apply for your lease online today to get started.

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