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Car Loans & Land Rover Lease Deals at Land Rover Houston's Auto Financing Center

Land Rover Houston prides itself on having one of the countries premier Auto Finance & Insurance Departments in the country. Along with a dedicated licensed professional staff, Land Rover Houston Central currently has over twenty prime to near prime lending partners and several sub-prime lending partners to ensure that we can offer our valued clients the very best in automotive financing no matter what their needs. Whether you are looking for a car loan or a Land Rover lease in Houston, we have you covered!

Houston Car Loan or Land Rover Lease?

Whether a car loan or a Land Rover lease would best suit you largely depends on your lifestyle and driving needs. This is why it's so important to discuss these things with one of our auto financing experts to determine which is best for you. However for your convenience we will briefly give an overview of each here.

When you sign up for a Land Rover lease you are basically signing an agreement to borrow a new Land Rover from our dealership. Signing up for a lease is great for those who love trying out all the newest features and technology or who don't have a long daily commute. While the monthly payments are typically lower with a lease you are restricted in ways such as the amount of miles you can drive per year and the amount of time you can borrow the vehicle. Extensions to these limits can always be purchased, but that's something to take into deeper consideration.

When you take our a car loan you are essentially borrowing money from one of our trusted lenders, who pays us for the new Land Rover or used luxury car that you choose to purchase. While many variables such as your down payment, credit score, trade-ins and others factor in, typically the monthly out-of-pocket cost is a bit higher initially with car loans. However the vehicle is ultimately going to be yours and there are no limitations to how much you can drive it.

Additional Auto Financing Programs We Offer

Value added programs made to match your driving habits, are available to help protect your car against mechanical failure; as are programs that help to keep your automobile beautiful year after year.

Land Rover Houston offers Polystar 3000 Advanced Windshield Protection. This product bonds to your windshield on a molecular level and when applied has the ability to deflect propelled small rocks or stones chips without harming the surface of the glass. So don't forget to ask about the program as nothing is more unsightly and depreciates your automobile quicker than a broken windshield.

Land Rover Houston also offers the industries most advanced tire & wheel road hazard on the market. R.O.A.D. InTire is a comprehensive tire and wheel program that covers your vehicle against road hazards such as metal, nails, potholes, glass and debris. Coverage is not pro-rated and is less expensive than traditional road hazard coverage. As a bonus the program also offers roadside service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for tire and wheel related emergencies.

Have adolescent or pre-teen children that keep you and your automobile busy? Have the family pet that you don't want to leave home without? Not to worry Land Rover Houston has a program for that as well. Protect the interior and exterior of your automobile with our most popular program, Touch of Class. The Touch of Class Premium Protection Package seals and protects your automobile's exterior against weather induced fading, loss of gloss, hard water etching, industrial fallout, bird waste, acid rain, tree sap, oxidation and even accidental paint overspray! Food and drink stains are a thing of the past with the Touch of Class Premium Protection Program as are oil based stains, fading, cracking, chewing gum, ink & dyes, lipsticks and makeup, crayons, urine and vomit, pet stains, and believe it or not blood! If you have pets or kids never worry about those pesky stains ruining the leather or carpet in your fine automobile again.